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“mwdao” goes Atom

I have been looking at the “ atom.xml ” blog technology recently, a publishing standard for news web sites and weblogs. This blog is automatically Atom enabled (see Blogger help ) which basically means that you can use a news reader such as the freeware FeedReader to subscribe and read the posts like in an NewsGroups program. I decided to get some hands-on experience on atoms, so I modified the program that creates my PhotoBlog (“ My Wandering Days Are Over... ”) to generate an atom.xml as well. The result is that you can now keep track of any new posts I create for “MWDAO” using your RSS Feed reader ;-)

My Wandering Days Are Over...

From the moment I started my blog I have been thinking about a way to create a photo blog and post some of my favourite pictures. Last week, I managed to get some time off work and create my first photo-blog. While I was building it, I was listening to "Tigermilk" by "Belle and Sebastian" and decided to give it a title; " My Wandering Days Are Over " is now live, hope you like it... For those of you curious about the technology I decided that nothing is better and quicker than plain HTML/XHTML and therefore I wrote a little win32 application to automatically generate photo blogs from a list of jpg files, thumbnails and templates. It's very simple but does the job ;-)