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Adobe CS3 New Icons

There seems to be a huge debate on the net over the new Adobe icons introduced in Creative Suite 3. People's reaction to the new icons is like their reaction to Marmite . They either *love* them or *loathe* them. I've first seen the Lightroom icon which I thought that it was alright if not very simplistic. After seeing the PS icon however, I pleasanlty realised that the concept behind the new icons is the elements of the Periodic table . Despite my dislike of Marmite, I find the new icons really nice and they look quite neat on my Toolbox: Searching a little bit on the web, I have discovered the beautiful "The Art of Adam Betts" and his alternative CS3 icons (for those of you who agree with him and disagree with me :-) ). Adam has created a nice picture of the evolution of the Photoshop icon , but what I love most is the Adobe's Wheel O'Icons . Also, check out the amazing Adobe Icon Set in a rotating flash wheel .