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Apple vs. Adobe

So Apple releases a new "Terms and Conditions" prohibiting Flash developers from using Adobe's tool for cross-compilation of Flash code to native Objective-C and I wonder: Why such hatred? In my eyes Adobe was one of the very few companies publishing their software for Macs when the Mac had a close-to-zero market-share, it made the Mac user synonymous to the Photoshop or AI user and put simply it supported the Mac during the dark ages of Windomination. Now that the Macs are cool and have a (still comparatively small) market share, why does Apple turn their back to a company that invested millions in making their software work for their platform? When you are a platform maker what you really want is people to write software for you, and people who make tools that create software to make them available to your platform. You are the creator of an ecosystem and you want software to populate it. I understand that running Flash directly on the iPhone, as a Safari plugin let'