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Round Calendar

Several years ago, on a sunny autumnal day, I found myself waiting for my plane in the lounge of "Ellinikon", the Athens' airport. I was flying to Leros where I was serving my military duty for the Greek Navy. And as every other sailor or soldier, I was counting my days until my discharge and the return to normal civilian life.

It must have been late October 1998 when I had this idea of writing a program that represents a calendar year in a circular fashion. You see, when I was really young, at primary school, we used to have in my classroom a big poster hanging up the wall that illustrated the months and the seasons of a year. As a circle. Along with vegetables, fruit, weather and whatever else you may think of. Grapes in August, snow in January, yellow leaves for October and strawberries for May... Every month, a perfect 30 degree circular sector.

I realised that I had always had that vision of the calendar months in a year going circular, clock-wise in a big big circle.…

Two months later...

Almost two months have passed since my last blog post. Two hectic months. Holidays over Christmas and new year, then a little bit of work, then a week's skiing holiday in the Alps, then a bit more work.

Decided that I can't bear the thought of living in the same flat for a sixth year and started looking for a new place. It took my almost a fortnight to find a place and I'm glad I did. I was a bit reluctant to start, but once you get to agents and look at a few you just can't go back... Here I am now, looking forward to move to my new flat and post some more stories to my blog.

And the next story is a very interesting one...