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Atopon, as we say "εις άτοπον απαγωγήν". Otherwise known as "Reductio ad absurdum" , or "proof by contradiction". Fascinated by it when I was a High School student, I decided to get the domain(s) for it. Still haven't decided what to do with them, but they'll be hapilly parked at my new little VPS until (hopefully) all things mathematical find their way to their pages :-) Accounts available upon request for bona-fide mathematical spirits out there... ;-)


Apophysis v2.07 is out, and I picked it up again almost 18 months after I left it, in order to create the "coming soon" screens for and . What a wonderful program. Once I got the source code compiling on my machine. Maybe I shall do it again.

What the Font?

Further to my previous post, I was looking to find out what font I used more than 10 years ago when I wrote CyberMind . Unfortunatelly, for some reason, the PhotoShop .PSD files from that era did not have any text layers (did PhotoShop support text layers back then?) so I couldn't find out what font I've used. Long hours going through my whole Corel 8 font CD and still I couldn't quite find what it was, until I (yet again, googled it) found "What the Font?" on the web. What the Font? ... What a service! Unbelievable! I created a sample gif, uploaded it, identified the characters through a very intelligent interface and voila! ... my font was SquireD ! God, how were we able to breathe before the web? ...

The Fonts for Web 2.0

Was wondering if the latest web 2.0 designs gave any preference for certain fonts, so a little bit of Googling revealed the following page: The Logos of Web 2.0 Interestingly VAG Rounded (Rundschrift) , the font I chose for my website back in 2000, is one of the most popular web 2.0 fonts. :-) Frutiger , another one of my favourite fonts, seems to be also very popular with Web 2.0 startups. Fonts always fascinated me since the very early days of my computing career, when back in the mid 80s I was designing pixel by pixel greek fonts for the Amstrad CPC 464 ... Sometimes, I just don't realise how old I am :-)