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Schumacher for 2009 F1 World Champion anyone?

I remember watching Michael's last race and thinking how historic that moment was. I am going be glued to my sofa for Michael Schumacher's unexpected return to F1. This is unmissable. And then... this thought crossed my mind... "Can he? Can he really be world champion this year?" I couldn't remember exactly the points situation, so I had to check. And here's the funny bit: Jenson Button has 70 points and with 7 races remaining, oh yes, it can be done. It's still a mathematical possibility. If Michael wins all 7 remaining races he gets 70 points and with 7 wins vs 6 Button wins we would be on top. Of course Button needs to score zero points and some other talented individuals be totally eclipsed by the... not-so-talented ones. It did however put a smile on my face, it's funny that there is still 1 possibility. Out of how many billion I do not know. I would certainly not bet on it, but then again I'm not a betting man ;-)

No respect

I have no respect for people who write code like this example below: if(this.hasActionMessages()){ return false; }else{ return true; }