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Exactly how big is...

I always knew of the Mercator Projection and how it makes things (errm land) at high latitudes appear larger than they are, so I decided today to give it a shot and try some comparisons using essential tools like Google Earth, Google Maps, Alt-PrtSc and... Photoshop.Comparisons always need to be made against a known measure (to me) which of course had to be my native Greece, therefore I decided to bring some northern countries to the... Mediterranean Sea.BritainI've been living in ye olde Albion for quite some time now, so first things first; Great Britain to the Med:Mercator Projection:

Actual Size:
DenmarkI've got something with Denmark, maybe because I have a few friends living there, maybe because my wife has a vein of Danish blood. Whatever, Denmark is up North so it's a good test! :-)Mercator Projection:

Actual Size:
Further North - IcelandWell Iceland is bloody North and its an island too, therefore it should really prove my point. Copy and paste from the Mercator pro…