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Why Google has done it again!

It was only this morning that I started looking into the HTML 5 canvas tag and this evening (after the Apprentice ) I sat down to play a little bit with it. As it happens... I decided to write a little Mandelbrot set just to test the graphics, thinking that obviously such a demanding algorithm would push the browsers to the limit and prove to be a good benchmark. It's after midnight now and I'm writing this in a hurry, so here's the link for my implementation: And here's the results: Google Chrome : 1425 ms Safari 4 Public Beta (528.17) : 2399 ms Safari 3.2.3 : 4223 ms (on my MacBook Pro) Opera 9.50 Build 10063 : 5578 ms Firefox 3.0.10 : 6309 ms All of that on my desktop PC running Windows XP, relatively powerful but nothing extraordinary. More to come, I'm eagerly awaiting FF 3.5 and I should really update Opera and Chrome. For the moment Google wins! Again! Oh, and btw HTML 5 roc

Ubuntu 9.04 and Asus Eee PC 901

I had to try this. It's been a while my Eee PC was not very well. The 4GB SSD boot disk with Xandros was full, updates were not working, the whole experience was bad. Xandros in all its simplicity and goodness, got it really wrong, how did that partition get full so easily? (it was not my files btw). I had a USB stick with Ubuntu 9.04 in my bag for a couple of weeks now, when I downloaded it and installed it on VMWare I decided to create the live USB stick and try it on a few laptops, so today I thought "Why not?" and went for it. The installation was a dream. I chose manual partitioning, mounted '/' to the 4GB disk and '/usr' to the (slower but massive) 16GB one. After the install I've got 3GB available on the first disk and 10GB on the other. Brilliant! Ubuntu deserves all credit here. The OS works like a treat on the little 1024x600 display, the wired and wireless networking just works and so far it's been a tremendously good experience. So good