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3D Dissolve is coming back...

The moment I laid my hands on HTML 5 and the canvas element, I knew exactly what I would attempt next. These Christmas days I managed to getaway to a small village in Northamptonshire with the family (now we are three...) and had some time to convert that tiny 3D engine that I had written back in March 1996 in Turbo Pascal 7. That was 14 years ago! Here's the file header :-) LOL:

{ Obj3d v1.0 written by K.Symeonidis }
{ (c)1996 by CyLog Software }
{ }
{ March.1996 }
{ }
{ This is my first attempt for a fast }
{ 3D Graphics engine }

With Obj3D I wrote a couple of demos in TP7, then converted it (v1.50) to Delphi and with it I wrote a few more demos for windows this time. In 1997 we wrote with Ioannis Tsoukalidis the "3D Dissolve" screen saver which proved to be quite popular on the baby-internet. Dissolve managed to get a couple of updates since then, the l…