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Started to follow David Lanham's work from the Iconfactory , now I'm a regular visitor to his web-site. The artwork is awesome, style is unique, and his icons and wallpapers often decorate my desktop. Don't miss it:

Installing Oracle 10g Express Edition on Ubuntu

This was a bit tricky... So here it goes, in case anybody else in the world would like to do it. Full installation instructions can be found here , however I hope that these steps will help: 0. Downlad the Debian pacakge (oracle-xe-universal_10.2.0.1-1.0_i386.deb) from . 0. First of all, you need to su as root, and unfortunatelly sudo is not enough! Oracle will not install properly unless you do that: sudo -s You might want to add 1GB of swap space space. Use these commands: mkdir /swap dd if=/dev/zero of=/swap/swapfile_1gb bs=1024 count=1048576 mkswap /swap/swapfile_1gb swapon /swap/swapfile_1gb To make the swap file stick add the following lines to /etc/fstab : /swapfile swap swap defaults 0 0 To check that the swap file is used, type: swapon -s free 1. Install libaio1 if you don't have it: apt-get install libaio1 2. Start the installation: dpkg -i ./oracle-xe-universal_10.2.0.1-1.0_i386.deb 3. Configure yo

Ubuntu here I come...

Years of waiting are now over. I have succesfully configured an instance of the Ubuntu Server v6.06 (Dapper Drake) on a VMWare machine and I'm over the top with joy! All these years, my linux experience has been somewhat "limited". I had installed all sorts of distros but never had a reason to drill down anymore. Played with the UI and a few apps and that was it, and even though I have been a using BSD and Solaris for quite sometime I never had to learn more than the basics (moving files around, writing scripts, making coffee (java), tailing logs, grepping, etc.). This time though, I not only installed Apache , Tomcat and Java 5 ; I went to great lengths adding a second hard-disk, partitioning, extending my swap to the second disk, installing and uninstalling Oracle 10g XE etc. All sorts of "advanced" stuff ;-) I have now a fully functioning virtual Ubuntu server on VMWare (love this stuff), with Apache, Tomcat and Oracle . I can ssh to them from my cygwin, I