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Switching iPhone visibility in Windows 10

It's been now several times that I plugged in my iPhone to download my pictures into Lightroom and the device is not showing up on "My Computer". When launching iTunes the iPhone is there, fully operational, sync-able, etc. I've got the latest iTunes, the latest update on the phone, everything! What's going on? The iPhone simply seems to either operate as an MTP USB Device which makes it visible under "My Computer" or as an Apple Mobile Device which makes it visible in iTunes. Switching between the two modes is simple: iPhone working in iTunes, not visible in "My Computer" Device Manager -> Portable Devices -> right-click on Apple iPhone -> Update Driver Software... -> Browse my computer for driver software ->  Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer -> MTP USB Device -> click Next. iPhone visible in "My Computer", not visible in iTunes Device Manager -> Universal Serial Bus control

The Witness - a screenshot photographer's paradise!

I'm not an avid PC gamer, these days I mostly play puzzle games on my mobile phone during my commute. In terms of PC/console games I play probably one game a year and in the last few years I don't even remember staying true to that rule. This year however, a game that I have been anticipating for a while is already out and it's a marvel called "The Witness"  by Thekla Inc. and the iconic designer of Braid , Jonathan Blow . I have managed to finish the game in just over 21 hours (over a period of around 2 weeks - parents don't get that much consecutive time you see) and I must say that the puzzles are a joy to play. The variety of rules and combinations around a simple path-in-a-maze concept are unbelievable. Jonathan & friends are clever blokes, no question about that. Early views What struck me most though is the ability to explore the island pretty much unconstrained and the sheer beauty of the environment. As an amateur photographer, my eye