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Installation of Ubuntu 17.04 (Zesty Zapus) on VMWare Workstation

About two years since my second post on installing a Linux distro on VMWare Workstation , I think it's time for a new update. Today, I got hold of an ISO image of Zesty Zapus ( Ubuntu 17.04 64-bit ) on the cover disk of Linux Format (June '17) and went immediately to "work"... What follows is my latest "recipe": Ingredients a downloaded ISO image of your favourite distro a newly created virtual machine with 4-8GB of RAM, a 40-60GB disk and a couple of CPU cores Installation Mount the ISO image to your VM's optical drive and boot it up, then follow the instructions to install your distro selecting your preferences (timezone, keyboard layout, etc.). For accessing your VM via ssh from your host, it helps if your Linux account has the same username as the one on your host OS (Windows, OS X). Once the installation finishes and the VM boots up, log in with your newly created user account and password and admire the new clean desktop. It wo