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CyLog Raster Fonts for Linux

Some of you may be familiar with the bitmap (raster) fonts that I have created a few years back or the Raster Font Editor software that I've written for MS Windows. I've been using Linux quite a lot recently so I decided at some point to convert them to BDF (Binary distribution format) files. Here's a quick guide on how to download them and install them: Download Fonts You can either download from here or type this from a terminal window: wget Unzip and Copy fonts In a terminal window type the following: unzip mkdir ~/.fonts mv *.bdf ~/.fonts cd ~/.fonts ls ...and ensure you can see the *.bdf files listed. Convert the BDF files to PCF To do the conversion we use the command line utility bdftocpf , and then we remove the BDF files: bdftopcf -o leros10.pcf leros10.bdf bdftopcf -o leros.pcf leros.bdf bdftopcf -o lini.pcf lini.bdf bdftopcf -o yamahana.pcf yamahana.bdf bdftopcf -o ya