CyLog Raster Fonts for Linux

Some of you may be familiar with the bitmap (raster) fonts that I have created a few years back or the Raster Font Editor software that I've written for MS Windows. I've been using Linux quite a lot recently so I decided at some point to convert them to BDF (Binary distribution format) files. Here's a quick guide on how to download them and install them:

Download Fonts

You can either download from here or type this from a terminal window:


Unzip and Copy fonts

In a terminal window type the following:

mkdir ~/.fonts
mv *.bdf ~/.fonts
cd ~/.fonts

...and ensure you can see the *.bdf files listed.

Convert the BDF files to PCF

To do the conversion we use the command line utility bdftocpf, and then we remove the BDF files:

bdftopcf -o leros10.pcf leros10.bdf
bdftopcf -o leros.pcf leros.bdf
bdftopcf -o lini.pcf lini.bdf
bdftopcf -o yamahana.pcf yamahana.bdf
bdftopcf -o yamaha.pcf yamaha.bdf
rm *.bdf
ls -l

Enable the use of Bitmap Fonts

Ubuntu (and Mint) has "kindly" locked the use of fixed fonts in your terminal, so unlock the feature by doing the following:

cd /etc/fonts/conf.d/
sudo rm 70-no-bitmaps.conf

To regenerate the font cache, use: (Note that this is not always required, fonts should already be available to use in your terminals)

sudo dpkg-reconfigure fontconfig

Use the fonts and rejoice!

Open your Terminal's Profile Preferences and use my fonts!:

  • Leros, my original font I created when I got my first 1024x768 LCD laptop
  • LerosC10, a slightly compressed in height version of Leros
  • Lini, a tiny font suitable for log windows
  • Yamaha Narrow
  • YamahaC, (experimental/beta)



andreadi said…
Yamaha Narrow, I remember that. Getting now.
frankoid said…
I'm glad to see that Leros lives on!

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