Why Google has done it again!

It was only this morning that I started looking into the HTML 5 canvas tag and this evening (after the Apprentice) I sat down to play a little bit with it.

As it happens... I decided to write a little Mandelbrot set just to test the graphics, thinking that obviously such a demanding algorithm would push the browsers to the limit and prove to be a good benchmark.

It's after midnight now and I'm writing this in a hurry, so here's the link for my implementation:


And here's the results:

Google Chrome      : 1425 ms
Safari 4 Public Beta (528.17) : 2399 ms
Safari 3.2.3 : 4223 ms (on my MacBook Pro)
Opera 9.50 Build 10063 : 5578 ms
Firefox 3.0.10 : 6309 ms

All of that on my desktop PC running Windows XP, relatively powerful but nothing extraordinary.

More to come, I'm eagerly awaiting FF 3.5 and I should really update Opera and Chrome.

For the moment Google wins! Again!

Oh, and btw HTML 5 rocks!


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