Tera Firma

When you run out of disk space, double your disks' capacity

This has been my belief for years and when the other day I got the "Disk Full" message, I immediatelly placed an order for two 300Gb Maxtors and an SATA controller. It took me a few days to sort it out - one of them was faulty and had to go back. At last the replacement arrived today and I happilly took the screwdriver and added the disk to the stack of Hard Disks in my computer's box. I now have 1 TeraByte of storage on my main PC alone!!! If you include the NAS, plus the capacity of the laptops then my total quota is over 1.3 Tera...

I took a breath to contemplate this milestone... One TeraByte. One trillion bytes. Eight trillion bits. This is equivalent to 403 million printed pages!

I remember when we used to have 320Kb floppies, or even tapes. The term "MegaByte" was just an amazing thought! Nobody had that! I remember my first hard disk was a 40Mb IDE - and I had waited for months to get that. It must have been 1988. Now 16 years later I have about 32,000 times that amount of disk space. That is 3.2*10^5 times! That is incredible. With this rate, in 2022, I should have a 32 PetaByte Hard Disk... Can you imagine?

To celebrate the 1 Tera milestone, I wrote clDisks. A command-line utility which lists the free space and total capacity if your hard disks and totals them up. Look at my stats... :-)

clDisks v1.01 ©2006 CyLog Software

Drive: Bytes Free Bytes Total MBytes Free MBytes Total
C: 14,417,825,792 32,210,161,664 13,750 30,718
J: 8,977,276,928 10,733,957,120 8,561 10,237
M: 5,820,928,000 64,428,584,960 5,551 61,444
S: 194,475,880,448 300,082,524,160 185,467 286,181
T: 300,005,793,792 300,082,524,160 286,108 286,181
V: 1,170,669,568 123,518,996,480 1,116 117,797
X: 19,868,966,912 163,921,571,840 18,949 156,328
Z: 10,429,038,592 12,646,301,696 9,946 12,060
Total: 555,166,380,032 1,007,624,622,080 529,448 960,946

You can download clDisks here: clDisks v1.01


andreadi said…
Drive: Bytes Free Bytes Total MBytes Free MBytes Total
C: 4.217.307.136 31.453.437.952 4.022 29.996
D: 4.991.885.312 31.453.437.952 4.761 29.996
E: 1.755.066.368 25.671.065.600 1.674 24.482
F: 1.530.515.456 31.453.466.624 1.460 29.996
G: 3.098 152.625
H: 3.733.778.432 3.561 190.780
L: 73.505.271.808 70.100 190.780
Total: 92.982.079.488 680.164.651.008 88.675 648.656

Need more :(
Unknown said…
wtf, is this a game of "my dick is bigger than yours"? I ain't playing...
(mostly because I need a few hundred Gigs to catch up)
vpapanik said…
How can you tell that one printed page is 2481 bytes ?
dudivie said…
well was it the bigges-t
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