Back Online

It's been a little over two months without an internet connection at home and I must admit it was really hard. Moving house twice since mid-May was stressful, but not having the ability to check your email, do your banking, read your friends' blogs or even look at your favourite photography web-site was really tough.

Now, that's all in the past! I'm back! With a vengeance. I got my new telephone line installed last week and on Friday my ADSL started working, so I'm enjoying my first weekend after two months with a proper 8-Mbit ADSL connection :-)

Now, I'm off to read Zaf's blog. His first couple of stories, especially the retro game one, look very promising...


markeld said…
Ah, finally you are back. Now you can finally continue sharing your wisdom with us. At last!!!
Unknown said…
Was about time, too.
vpapanik said…
I was really worried about you ! Welcome back :) :)
vpapanik said…
Did you mean "back offline" ? where the hell are you again ?

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