Vue 6 Esprit

Amongst several other things that I find to occupy my (free) time, is computer generated imagery. Landscapes and worlds, plantation. Whatever. Ever since I wrote RFS (Random Fractal Surfaces), a DOS-based surface simulation in isometric 3D back in 1988 (!), I have been following the software scene steadilly. Vue d'Esprit was one of the first programs to make a difference and produce some really realistic renderings.

Went to Digital Blasphemy today to see the latest wallpapers there and I read the news that Vue d'Esprit 6 has been released. Just check the video on the web page. It speaks for itself.

I'm sure I will be downloading a trial version very soon, only to play a little bit with it and then just leave it over there, in the corner of my hard disk until the next version arrives :-)

Talking about that RFS, the history of it is quite funny - I've even found a Borland Pascal-based version of it that is supposed to run on Windows written in Nov '93. Crickey! That was 13 years ago!


Unknown said…
Crickey? WTF is Crickey? Και εμείς οι ελληνάρες φίλοι σου που ΔΕΝ ζήσαμε στα Λονδίνα; Τι να καταλάβουμε;
That's a word for your next post then my Zaf!

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