Quick Perforce Setup

This serves as my personal quick guide to setting up perforce on Linux.

Create a new directory (e.g. /u01/p4root), download p4d from http://www.perforce.com/ and copy it to the above folder. Set execute permissions and chown it to the Linux perforce user that will be running the server process.

Start the Perforce server with:

Create a user:
p4 user

Set the email and save the user. Check the users:
p4 users

Set the security level to strong passwords:
p4 counter -f security 2

Set the user's passwd:
p4 passwd

Restart your server and then login:
p4 login

Type your password, this will ensure your server is secure.
Create a client workspace
p4 client

Give it a name, set the "revertunchanged", "share" for line ends, "rmdir" options.


List the depots:
p4 depots

Delete the default depot:
p4 depot -d depot

Create some depots:
p4 depot ...name...

List the depots again:
p4 depots

Map the depots to your client by using p4 client.

Type Maps

Set the typemaps:
p4 typemap

Use the following for typemaps as a starter:

binary //.../*.bmp
binary //.../*.doc
binary //.../*.gif
binary //.../*.jpg
binary //.../*.png
binary //.../*.ppt
binary //.../*.psd
binary //.../*.vsd
binary //.../*.xls
text //.../*.dfm
text //.../*.dpr
text //.../*.pas
text //.../*.iml
text //.../*.ipr
text //.../*.xml
text+k //.../*.css
text+k //.../*.html
text+k //.../*.java
text+k //.../*.js
text+k //.../*.sql


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