iPad - The future has arrived

Just been watching the video at http://www.apple.com/ipad/. I've been grinning, I've been laughing, I've been drooling. This is EXACTLY what I was expecting for 3 years now. Ever since I bought my first-gen iPod touch, I've been thinking about this device with the same interface but just a bigger screen. I have even bothered to get into Photoshop and mock up an ideal iPod touch (screenshot to follow). For 3 years the rumours were everywhere, now this is reality.

But two more months of wait? What am I supposed to do now?

I think I'll just download the SDK and pretend that I own one using the emulator...

Well done Apple, you've got everything right! Even the price!


Unknown said…
Hi ther! you, apple-busy-bee :-))
frankoid said…
The fact that it only runs Apple-signed code makes the iPad irrelevant to me. Actually, it's worse than irrelevant, because the direction that Apple is heading in means that they might cripple OS X in a few years, and then I'll have to migrate to another OS.

I'm very excited about the N900 though...

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