And you thought Chrome was the best...

Wowdi! Didn't expect that. "The Register" reported the news about Opera 10.5 beta and I immediatelly went to download the latest version. Using my own "benchtests", i.e. the little JS/HTML5Canvas expirements I wrote during the last few months (Mandelbrot and 3D Dissolve JS), I compiled the following list:

BrowserMandelbrot (ms) (*)Dissolve (fps) (**)
Chrome 4.0124848.1
Firefox 3.6127751.3
Opera 10.5beta36972.3
Safari 4.0255149.2

(*) Lower times (in milliseconds) are better
(**) Higher FPS rate is better

There you go then, Opera annihilates the competition with a beta! That will make some Google and FF engineers scratch their heads a little bit. Firefox 3.6 came with a lot of improvements closing the gap to Chrome. Opera now comes and from being the slowest browser in JS now becomes the fastest with a difference! More than 3x the speed of Chrome in Mandelbrot? That is absolutely amazing.

Very well done guys, you are obviously doing the right thing up there in the North. Well done!


vpapanik said…
Amazing ! Really well done ! Should populate the results ASAP !!!
vpapanik said…
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