A new PC

That's it. I've done it! I have just ordered a bunch of new kit from ebuyer and dabs. I'm building a new workstation. I know, all these macs and sh*t, however, with a mortgage and a kid there's no money for a Mac. So back to basics: Windows and a custom-built PC. In other words get as much umpf as possible for your pennies.

My only requirement was memory tbh. I wanted lots. I wanted 32GB of RAM or something like that. Then I had a look at the prices. So I settled for 6! With another 6 at christmas... :-)

OS? Well, not much choice, I will start with  64-bit Windows 7, but I might give Ubuntu a partition. Problem is I need to run LightRoom and PhotoShop, so not much room to argue really.

My problem now is... the moment I placed the order,  it occured to me that I'm gonna have to literally PULL THE PLUG from my old PC. You see, I'm bloody emotional, I can't let go that easily. All my previous computers (and I've built a few) were built side-by-side with the machine I was replacing. So even if I was building a new PC, I could still power on the old one, until such time that my bond with the new PC meant that the old one could go in the wardrobe or even get dismantled and sold in pieces.

I've been finding it very hard to get rid of my laptops. The one I had with me in the navy I gave it to my friend Mits and years later I got it back! Crazy.

This time however, I have to remove the PSU, the disks, the CPU fan. I don't have spares for these. That means that's it. My faithful "Oberon II" will cease to exist, I have to switch the power off and that will be it. "Oberon II" will never live again. :-(

It's not emotion about the hardware, the individual disk or the graphics card. I don't give a damn sh*t for those. It's the "setup", it's the "essence", it's the "software"! It's the fact that everything is in its place and it works.

Still. One has to be excited about a 4-core CPU a new full tower box that has room to breathe, a Velociraptor to boot from... Watch this space for updates ;-)


Markellos said…
ah, be a man already and get it over with! The "je ne sais quoi" of your old PC is really nothing - progress trumps everything.

Long live the new PC

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