End of an Era

My wonderful Titania will be put down in a few minutes. Following the hard disk failure (see previous post), I removed the failed HD only to realise that Titania wouldn't start with the other HD on the on-board RAID controller. For a moment, I thought that this was a controller error and maybe my 160Gig drive was ok. But after many tests a) the HD has proved to be gone to meet its maker and b) my RAID IDE controller on my motherboard didn't seem to be very happy controlling disks.

Thus, I decided that four years (!!!) is enough for a Mobo.

[Mobo is a very colloquial term that modders are using to describe motherboards! I found out about this only yesterday and I felt like a modder again! For those of you who missed some episodes of my life, I used to upgrade or change my PC about 3 times a year. Just a couple of HD and one memory upgrade in the last four years don't give me justice. Anyway, I digress again... Time to close this bracket]

Did my market investigation, asked a few friends; the word has it that the Intel Core 2 Duo is the new kid on the block, so I went and bought one.

Oh my! PCs have changed so much since I last looked at them! WiFi on board, PCI Express, only one IDE slot (!), BIOS upgrades using USB sticks, SATA on the go, Gigabit LAN. New memory specs, VGAs with extra power (see Zaf's post here - I too didn't know about this and can't believe we found out about this on almost the same day - LOL).

I have now all the new components on my floor and am writing this before I set off taking Titania's components apart... I will certainly revive her in a new box, and I will probably put it next to my desk, but deep down I know that this is the end of Titania's days as my PC. I don't know what got me now, it seems stupid. But I do, yes, I do feel sad.


vpapanik said…
Groud yourself first... and good luck !!!
Chris-Top said…
good luck with your new pc, find a new name for it!
Ye-Olde said…
after Titania, you should try Poutania...


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