Here I am again

Here I am again. No matter how much I want to write to my blog, something always happens and I either forget or just put it off. My friends are looking for me though, so here's my first post for September :-)

Life is getting back to normal... Furniture and bills arrive in the new flat (still no blinds though), things are getting out of the boxes (still a lot of boxes however) and my hard disks are dying an annoying death... See? No change.

Even though I'm probably one of the few people I know that take regular backups, this time I was unprepared. What I hate most, is not that I have lost a hard disk; it is that I don't know what I've lost. And I spend hours thinking what "else" did I have on that disk. Sigh.

What I lost this time was my "black hole" disk. Massive when I bought it, this 160Gb monster had all my mp3s, all the software I downloaded from the net (I don't care much about the contents, I care about the structure and organisation though) and all the software I have bought, in ISO images, zip files, licenses, etc.

I never thought of backing up that disk, although I know I could have just taken an export of the file list as I do with others...

I'm certain I'll be able to recover from this data loss, I have even started to think that it was for good; it's more tidy now :-)


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