1 1/3 Thousand Miles from home

Glad to see vpapanik's post that Thessaloniki is now on high-resolution on Google Earth. Next thing I tried to do is to measure the exact distance from my parent's house to the place I live now.

To my amazement it measured exactly 1,333.33 miles!!! What an amazing number! :-) And, here's the proof:

Of course, if you measure it in kilometers is a rather uninteresting number... Ah, being a mathematician is no fun!


Unknown said…
Check the Aristotelous square.. I think you read about the Absolut Thessaloniki.. right? Now you can see it too.. :)
Can you build a 3D bottle of Absolut with the Google SketchUp and then upload it to the 3D Warehouse? would be fun... :)
vpapanik said…
This is truly amazing ! I double checked it and it is actually so :) :) Strange things happen to mathematicians after all...

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